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March 3, 2020 Agenda: Water Quality Finance Committee

Meeting Materials

ADA Notice

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with special needs (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) should contact Larene Wyss, Office of Human Resources at (801) 536-4284, Telecommunications Relay Service 711.


  1. Project Summaries: Scope/Priority/Schedule/Hardship (Attachment 1)
  2. Funds Balance incl. cash flow (Attachment 2)
  3. Future projects pipeline
    1. Price River WID – $3.2M, 50:50 with CIB
    2. Spanish Fork Regional Facility – ~$70M
  4. Interest rates

FY2020 Projects Financing Decisions:

  1. South Davis Sewer District Options
  2. $5 million per year reserves
  3. Application of hardship grant funds
  4. Weight of hardship in funding decision
  5. Millville laterals/ST decommissioning
  6. Millville Design Advance


  1. Scenarios (Attachment 3)
  2. RD and CIB deals will put applicants in hardship
  3. Other funding options
    1. Graduated loan repayments (e.g., Millville’s growth)
    2. Impact fees in repayment cash flow
  4. South Davis property tax cash flow
  5. Millville Loan at 3.5% (3.09 versus 3.69% MAGI at 5.5% interest)