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Utah Lake Science Panel:
Utah Lake Water Quality Study

The Utah Lake Science Panel was established by the Steering Committee in 2018 to provide independent and unbiased scientific advice to the Steering Committee. Science Panel members were selected to provide a full range of scientific expertise relevant to the unique characteristics of Utah Lake.

The Science Panel is charged with guiding the development of site-specific nitrogen and phosphorus criteria that are protective of the aquatic life, recreational, and agricultural uses of the lake. Specifically, the Science Panel will develop a scientifically-defensible approach for establishing criteria, recommend studies and guide research activities to fill knowledge gaps, review and interpret study results, and ultimately recommend science-based criteria to the Steering Committee. The Science Panel will accomplish these tasks by answering a series of initial charge (622 KB) questions developed by the Steering Committee, including:

  1. What was the historical condition of Utah Lake with respect to nutrients and ecology pre-settlement and along the historical timeline with consideration of trophic state shifts and significant transitions since settlement?
  2. What is the current state of the lake with respect to nutrients and ecology?
  3. What additional information is needed to define nutrient criteria that support existing beneficial uses?
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