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Stakeholders and the Watershed Approach:
Watershed Management Program

Who are Stakeholders?

Simply put, stakeholders are people who have a stake, or interest, in what occurs in their area. Ultimately this includes all of us depending on where we live, work, and play. The key difference between a stakeholder and the average citizen is that stakeholders take an active role by participating in watershed committees and other similar groups.

Why are Stakeholders so important?

It has long been recognized the most effective and long lasting solutions for environmental protection and restoration efforts originate from the people who live, work and play there. Local knowledge provides the best insight into what the problems are, their sources, and the most effective approach to solve them.

How can I become a Stakeholder?

Contact the Watershed Coordinator listed under your area of the State and ask when the next meeting is or how you can get a watershed group started if there isn’t one already.

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