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Phase 1: Data Gathering and Characterization

Utah Lake Monitor

For Phase 1 of the study, DWQ assembled a broad group of stakeholders representing a wide range of interests in the Utah Lake Water Quality Plan. Participants include representatives from local municipalities, publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs), and state and local governments. DWQ created subgroups of stakeholders to help inform decision-making for work plan element. The Phase 1 Report (12 MB), completed in December 2018, discusses the process for redeveloping the stakeholder process, assesses current water quality conditions in Utah Lake, evaluates water quality data for evaluating nutrient loading to the lake, and discusses the selection and development of water quality models to support Phase 2. Each of these are presented in more detail in the following sections:

Please visit the Utah Lake Steering Committee for more information about workgroup members, meetings, and presentations.

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